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Ghost Cellars is a single vineyard, limited production wine made from a carefully selected vineyard that best represents the Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietal. The vineyard is naturally low-yielding because of the extremely fast draining, sandy, limestone, nutrient lacking soil. In addition we work closely with the vineyard to keep the vine yield low by thinning the fruit throughout the year. These smaller yields produce fewer, smaller grapes which in turn deliver more intense, concentrated, and complex wines.

To ensure even ripening of the grapes, we carefully monitor the canopy, removing leaves several times during the growing season. For the same reason, the vines in each vineyard block are trellised specifically for optimum exposure to the sun and to promote air circulation. In preparation of the crush, the brix are carefully monitored many times daily throughout the vineyard. Once the grapes reach the optimal sugar levels they are hand-picked and then depending on the temperature of the fruit, cold chilled before destemming, crushing, and starting fermentation.

The wine produced by Ghost Cellars is handcrafted by our dedicated winemaking team. The wine expresses a balance between the fruit, the terroir, and the vintage. We use modern crushing, de-stemming and pressing equipment to process the grapes as gently as possible. We then use open-top, temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to allow the wines to ferment slowly and evenly. Once fermentation is complete, the wines are transferred to small, French oak barrels to begin the aging process. We use a combination of new barrels along with older, neutral barrels to ensure that the natural flavors of the grapes are complimented by the right amount of oak. After blending and bottling, the wines receive enough aging time prior to release so that they can be enjoyed right away or laid down to mature for years to come.

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